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You can send commands to your game console using WebSender.
The ports you use with WebSender must be open on both your web hosting and game server VPS.
From your Minecraft Server files open the Websender/config.yml file.
socketPort: PORT (10289 RECOMMENDED)
socketPassword: PASSWORD
senderPrefix: '[WebSender]'
wrongPassword: Incorrect password, please enter it carefully.
wrongData: Please check PHP variables.
succesfullyLogin: Login is successful.
consoleInfo: 'true'
commandPermission: websender.admin
nothavePerm: You not have permission!
pluginReloaded: Websender reloaded!
Save the file and restart your server.
Enter these details to your website's Add/Edit Server section. Press the "Test Connection" button to check if it works.
Last modified 10mo ago