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Check the system requirements before installation.

How to setup LeaderOS on cPanel?

Before starting the installation process, make sure your domain nameservers/DNS are configured. Otherwise, you would not be able to access to the website.
We recommend using Cloudflare for DNS management.

How to Setup Cloudflare DNS?

1) Download the required files.

From the LeaderOS website go to My Account > Licences page and click the download button to download the .zip file.

2) Configure/Verify the system requirements.

Login to your cPanel and head to the PHP settings page to make the configurations in System Requirements. From there, enable the required options.

3) Upload the required files to cPanel.

Upload the downloaded .zip file to your cPanel by going to cPanel > File Manager > public_html and pressing the upload button.

4) Unzip the files.

Click to .zip file you just uploaded and press the extract button to unzip the file.

5) Visit your website.

Once you visit your website, it will direct you to the setup page for LeaderOS. Follow the guide to finish the setup.

6) Enter your database credentials.

If you already have a database server, then you can setup your website to that database. However, we will be showing you how to create a local database in cPanel in this article.
MySQL Host: This is the IP address for your database server. Use localhost for localised databases.
MySQL Port: This is usually by default 3306. If it is different then use that port for this.

6.1) Create a database in cPanel.

Use the MySQL Database Wizard to create a local database on your cPanel. After creating the database, enter the credentials of your database to the setup page.

7) Configure the basic site options.

Basic information such as server name. IP address, server version, etc.

8) Create an Admin account.

Create an admin account to customise your website after the setup.

9) Login to Dashboard.

Your website is now set up! Now you can start using your website. Check our other articles to learn how to add new products, setup payment gateways and more.
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