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LeaderOS Plugin

We currently support Bukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord, Velocity. Offer features such as Web Store, Bazaar, Credits, Authentication and ensure product delivery after purchase. It's completely Open Source!


Source Code

Which Minecraft server platforms do you support?

We currently support Bukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord and Velocity.


  • Auth: This feature allows you to link your in-game Minecraft account with your website account by running a simple command.
  • Discord Sync: With a simple command, this feature verifies your Discord account and syncs it with your server's website, enabling role and name syncing. Additionally, it allows users to log in to the website using their Discord credentials, streamlining user management and enhancing the integration of your server with Discord.
  • Webstore: This feature enables players to access and make in-game purchases from the website's store directly within the game, providing a convenient and seamless shopping experience.
  • Bazaar: Players can list in-game items for sale on the website, allowing them to earn website credits by selling items to other players. This feature creates a virtual marketplace, fostering an in-game economy and promoting player-to-player trading.
  • Donations GUI: This feature opens a menu on the website that lists donations made, providing a convenient way to show contributions to your server.
  • Credits: This feature allows players to manage and see the credits, offering a user-friendly commands for credit management.
  • Vouchers: This feature enables players to convert their website credits into vouchers that can be used as a trading instrument in the game. Players can transfer these vouchers to others or use them in in-game transactions, adding flexibility to the in-game economy.
  • Placeholders: Enhance your server's functionality with placeholders that can display dynamic information, such as user email, credits, donations...


  1. 1.
    Download and install the LeaderOS plugin jar and restart your server.
  2. 2.
    Enter your Website URL and API Key into config.yml. How to find API key?​
  3. 3.
    Restart your server.


Shows all of the commands.
/leaderos reload
Reloads configrations.
Generates an auth link to login/register on the website.
Generates a discord account sync link.
Shows the webshop menu.
Opens the bazaar storage menu.
Opens the Donations menu.
/donations update
Updates the donations data.
Shows your current credit amount.
Shows a player's current credit amount.
/credits send
Sends a player credit.
/credits set
Sets a players credit to the specified amount.
/credits add
Adds a player the specified amount of credits.
/credits remove
Removes the specified amount of credits from a player.
/creditvoucher give
Gives the player a credit voucher.
/creditvoucher create
Creates a credit voucher from your own credits.


/leaderos reload
/donations update
/credits <player>
/credits send
/credits set
/credits add
/credits remove
/creditvoucher give
/creditvoucher create
Use Credit Voucher
  • leaderos.auth
  • leaderos.discord.sync
  • leaderos.voucher.use
  • leaderos.voucher.create


Displays the player's credit amount.
Displays the player's email.
Displays the player's registeration IP
Displays the player's registeration date.
Donor username of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Latest)
Amount of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Latest)
Donor username of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top All Time)
Amount of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top All Time)
Donor username of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Annual)
Amount of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Annual)
Donor username of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Monthly)
Amount of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Monthly)
Donor username of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Daily)
Amount of the donation. (<number>: 1-10) (Top Daily)

How can I find my API Key?

You can find your API key from Dashboard > Settings > API
If you don't see any API key in this page, please click the "Reset" button to generate an API Key.

How can I find my Server Token?

You can follow the instructions at this link.

How can I find my Bazaar Server ID?

You can find your Bazaar Server ID from Dashboard > Misc > Bazaar > Servers
Do not enter the leading "#" symbol. Enter only the number!

How can I enable Show In-Game?

Go to Dashboard > Servers/Products/Product Categories page and press the edit button and enable the "Show In Game" option. Now you will be able to configure options like "Title, Lore, Icon" in the game.
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